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MaNyima Baby Sarr

I was born in The Gambia, West Africa. I attended St. Peter’s Lower Basic School in The Gambia from grades One to Six. In April of 2005, I moved to the United States.I started to lose my confidence and became a person who hid every chance she got. My life had taken a drastic turn. I went from being loved by everyone at home in Africa to being teased and threatened by even first graders.Going through the lot of the things I went through, like being bullied and harassed everyday because of where I came from, helped me get a strong sense of who I am. I also thank God for the culture I come from. My culture taught me that it is important to share everything you have no matter how small it is. It also taught me that everyone is family. My family and friends also encouraged and loved me through the things I experienced then and I am experiencing as I grow up. My culture also helped me understand and love the people who were mean to me. Now my journey had brought me to Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids Iowa. I’m eager to see what changes this new adventure will bring into my life. Come journey with me!

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