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Buys Bricks: At 50¢ a brick, you can help us build an Academy of Excellence for our girls.  You can buy one or more bricks (50¢ each), a wall ($405), a room ($1620), or even a whole classroom block containing 5 rooms ($8100).

The Academy of Excellence will provide an advanced education for the Gambian girl child from preschool to graduate school.  Every aspect and participant of our educational process will aim to produce self-empowered girls and women who are motivated to serve humanity to their fullest.  In addition, our academy will provide a safe haven from which they can grow, blossom, and reach their highest potential.

We need resources and assistance building a facility where we can facilitate the recruitment and training of the populations we serve.  We envision our Academy of Excellence to include a preschool, an elementary school, a high school, a graduate school, a vocational center, and a teacher training center to train visiting teachers from other countries in Africa.  The facility will also include a theatre/performance hall, a library, a computer center, a community kitchen and dining hall, a gymnasium, and a dormitory.

This facility is the epicenter of our dream and from this facility, built in The Gambia, West Africa, we will, with the help of many members of our human family from all continents who are willing and waiting, serve the girls and women of Africa.


All donations are tax-exempt.

Starfish International is a 501c3 Non-Profit [EIN #:26-1427966].

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