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Fatou Faburay is a Starfish graduate who is currently completing her second year in medical school.  On weekday evenings, she works in the Starfish Library.  Fatou is a product of what empowering girls through education can accomplish. 

Fatou was born in Lamin and continues to live there with her parents and siblings.  Fortunately, Fatou's parents encouraged all of their children to attend and succeed in school.  Although Fatou has always been strong academically, she was introverted and feared public speaking.  She had dreams of continuing her education and becoming a doctor, but was not sure of her future.     

Fatou describes Starfish International as the reason why she is the person she has become today; outgoing, assertive, and extremely self-confident.  Fatou's education  does not go unnoticed in the community; even a local male Koranic teacher spends afternoons in the Starfish Library learning to read English from Fatou.  Fatou says, "I did not work this hard to die with all of the knowledge I have; I must share it."  Fatou hopes to be able to inspire others to follow her path, as she has identified that Starfish can bring out the true characteristics and strengths of each girl in the program.   She will stop at nothing to achieve her goal of becoming a gynecologist.

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